In a Flash + An Epic Failure

Okay, I haven’t got a lot of writing in, but everyone has experienced the infamous writer’s block.

And it is insanely frustrating because I have my wonderful deadline looming ahead of me, but I don’t have the inspiration to actually do anything. There are no ideas, no creativity, nothing.

This is notebook where I put all my ideas, snippets from other places, and everything in between

And finally, I just took like 5 days off and did everything else except anything Shadows related. Finally, I just wanted to write and couldn’t help myself and got tons done.

When I have a writing kick, I can’t help it but to rattle off my merciless snippets to any unexpecting victim willing to listen. Or they just venture into my room to ask something, and they end up staying for 15 minutes to hear me. I even was messaging some to my friend to get her feedback.

I haven’t posted one of these in a while, so just excuse my memory blanks.

April 14

Told you we were going back far

Words written: 956

Total: 19,478

I think I went camping for the weekend, and I couldn’t let my writing streak fade away, so I took the iPad with my dad, Gemma, and SarahLynn. It was nice because we had to drive 3 hours there and then 3 hours back. It was some archery competition that my dad and Gemma did. They didn’t win, but it was fun.

April 16

Words written: I honestly don’t know

Total: Too tired to check.

This was one of those days where I’m laying in bed, forcing sleep to come. Naturally, it didn’t listen so I ended up picking up the laptop and writing till 2. Then I woke up at 5:50 for school the next day. :/

There was a nap break on the bus that got me through the day.

I’m not sure why I do this to myself, but I do. Yet, I’m still alive and healthy. I didn’t write anything the next day, instead I went to bed early so I wasn’t half dead the next day

My mom made this sugar free ice-cream that is strawberry flavored. My new favorite writing snack.

April 23

I actually wrote a like 100 words on a coupe days, but nothing interesting happened.

Words written: 1,506

Total: 21,686

This was another late night where I wrote until I fell asleep on the key board. (I never fell asleep on the keyboard, though I nearly did)

I was really pleased with myself because I normally don’t write that much after a long day of figuring out linear relations and coefficients.

And let’s fast forward to the part where I finish Draft 1 and head to Draft 2 because I’m too lazy to flip back a month in my memory

May 17

Now I made a checklist of everything I wanted to change, or just little snippets of stuff I wanted done.

Since I’m a super organized person, I spent the whole day planning out the rest of the journey of my novel. That included flipping forward to September and November on my calendar.

In the picture, you’ll spot a lovely looking sandwich. I was getting tired so instead of taking a nap, why don’t break out the bread and toaster and make yourself a BLT.

Food is my weakness when it comes to writing. I’m always like, when we finish this sandwich I’m going to continue this chapter. And then I get distracted and end up not even getting anything done.



May 21

Draft 2 Checklist: 2

Total: 2 out of 17

I finished making my prologue and it actually worked out pretty well. 

If you follow me on MyWriteClub, then you may have seen the project titled: Things I really need to finish or the world will come to a screeching halt.

I tend to write really long titles because I can’t help it. *laughs nervously*

I wasn’t in the mood to write, but I was like, “We really need to get going and finish this before the end of the month!” Did I finish in time? Keep reading.

May 22

(And May 23 if you count 1 am the next day)

I had a bag of skittles and jellybeans left over from a field trip and I really wanted to make a big dent on my project. So enter the super dumb idea:

A all-nighter!

And this all-nighter may have ended in a failure.

Here is the play by play of my night:


My only food supply for the night

11:30 to 12:00

Number of items completed: 1

Total: 3

Yup, you may shake your head in disgrace and sigh. I only got one measly thing done in half an hour.

But, that actually was skimming over the entire book looking for those Japanese words no one will actually know the meaning of. Comment down below if you know what a cowl and a funkorogashi is.

So I made a glossary of all the words so when you are reading it, you can flip to the handy glossary at the back of the book. And potentially read the ending and then moan because you spoiled the ending for yourself.

I was also building an epic playlist to loop during the sleep loss episode.

12:01 to 1:00

Number of items completed: 3

Total: 6

Okay, this hour was a lot better compared to my other half hour.

At this point, I was so tired from all the walking we had done today and all I wanted was to go to asleep. I recorded some of the things going through my head as 1:00 loomed ahead. Or some of the things I was mindlessly doing.

  • Finished my treasured candy stash that was supposed to last a little longer then 90 minutes.
  • Added more songs to my playlist
  • Spent 5 minutes flipping through all my notes trying to find out something I really needed. I didn’t have it and ended up googling it
  • Started regretting my choice
  • Decided to go asleep at 1, and then set my alarm for 4
  • Sent a bunch of pointless and mindless messages to my friend
  • Started spewing nonsense so I stopped
  • Tried to sleep and hoping my mind to blow the fire out on my caldern full of noveling inspiration

4:00 to 5:00

Number of items: 3

Total: 9

I had set my alarm and it blared that annoying beep, beep beep! You know, that sound everyone hates. I heaved myself out of bed and shuffled across my room, hitting my desktop a couple of times before finding snooze. I turned it off and got back in bed. As much as my body was screaming for sleep, I opened my laptop and got blinded by the brightness. 

I crossed 3 more things of my list before starting to work on my blogs.


May 31

Number of items: 8

Total: 17

Yesterday was my last day to work on draft 2. I want to take June off for my up-coming AGSM. Also, I need a break from anything Shadows related before July Camp Nano.

So I finished up the entire list of things I wanted done. I was so satisfied when it said 100% on my goal.

And I even got 5 hours of sleep out of it which is awesome compared to the normal 3 and half I usually get.

Conclusion of my first 2 drafts:

After all that groaning and moaning over my novel, it is finally coming together as I hoped. All those tired mornings were I had to roll out of bed. To all those naps on the bus rides to school. To my family and friends for helping me keep going.

Let’s stop before this starts to sound like the Acknowledgements at the end of novels. The part people normally skim over or completely pass.

Are you excited for summer to start? What are your summer plans? Comment down below

– Carlye

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