Interview With my Characters

Hello there, welcome! I have a special post planned for today.

For all those people who know I’m writing a book, congrats! To those who don’t, well, now you know.

(If you want to find out more, click here: Shadows)

Anyway, I tend to ramble on and on about how amazing they are. And you nicely put up with it, through it all. So what if you always wanted to know what Erin’s favorite food was, now you can.

Not only will it be able to answer those unspoken questions, it’ll help me improve my characters.

I’m proclaiming an interview dedicated to all my characters. Just to be extra, I’ll even add some photos of them.

One of my main characters,


Erin Hiraoka

Another main character who is Erin’s cocky sidekick,


Hotisi Ito

And the less important yet pretty important character,


Airi Yamashita

And the evil (antagonist) man is,


Ti-su Ara

(By the way, his last name means evil >:)

And those are all the characters you can interrogate. Have a great day,


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