My Playlist

Almost everyone has a playlist that they love to listen to. Some people even have multiple playlists depending on their mood. But let me tell you, listening to music about being a loser when you’re depressed ain’t gonna help you. Madison wrote a post about it which you can check out here.

I have a playlist of 25 songs on YouTube that I’ll listen to any time. Sometimes I add or subtract songs, but it mostly stays the same.

If you are looking for some good Christian songs by Christian singers, give it a listen at the end.


I only have one song from here and it’s called Good News. It’s super fun and upbeat, and it’s about the good news of Jesus Christ.

Moriah Peters:

She has such uplifting songs about being brave so it’s only fitting that the song is called Brave.



She is a 21-year-old girl who is an amazing singer and so deep in her faith. Nothin’ On You, All I Need Is You, and All Good.


Backseat Driver is made with two of my favourite artists, TobyMac and Hollyn. It’s about Jesus taking control of our lives and us taking the backseat in the car called life.

Micah Tyler:

Comeback Song and Even Then catchy and have a great meaning to the songs. I first heard him on the radio and fell in love with his songs.

Hawk Nelson:


They are awesome singers and the songs are so uplifting when I’ m down. A group of Canadain singers grouped together to form the band that made Sold Out and He Still Does. He Still Does has the most creative music video and it’s about God still doing miracles, even when we think he doesn’t.

Riley Clemmons:

She just finished writing a new album that is awesome and I added a bunch of her songs. Better For It, Hold On, Drop Everything, and Saving Me. Most of her songs are about losing their faith in God and then going back to Him.


Good Fight is exactly what it sounds like. Fighting the good fight for God.

for King & Country:


I have so many songs from Joel and Luke. They speak about girls mattering to God and being a Child of God. They speak about the wonders of God. They speak about men respecting women. Some of the songs on my playlist are: Joy, Ceasefire, Priceless, God Only Knows, Fix My Eyes, Matter, Steady, No Turning Back, Long Live, and Already Home.

Wow, that is a lot of songs from 4K&C. But seriously, they are songs that really hit deep.


So that is all the songs on my playlist. If you would like to view it, click here.

What songs are on your playlist? Leave a comment down below and if it doesn’t then refresh and try again


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