Structuring Your Novel Review


If you are one of my original followers, you’ll know that I’m constantly talking about my novel. I can’t help it, I’ll forever be like that. And I’m always keeping an eye out for all the fabulous writing books that give you tips.

So I kept looking at this website from K.M. Wieland. She’s a published author, who keeps Christian values in mind when writing literary for us. She gives helpful tips and tricks about the dos and don’ts of writing a good solid book. And when you sign up to be a world player, you get a book and then write a review about it.


I may have stayed up until 11:30 reading this last night so I could finish before writing the review the next morning. I have no time at all to do anything as I’m prepping for high school and getting all the posts done before school starts. Not including uploading on YouTube every Wednesday and then posting every week on 2 blogs.



Anyway, this book changed my life and shed new light on my novel. It was trash even after 2 rewrites. I’m giving it 5 stars with an extra 5 stars to top it off. I was tempted to take out a notebook and soak up all that radiating knowledge leaping off the page.


For everything and anything, there is an example to go hand in hand with it. This goes out to anyone seeking to improve their novel and feel depressed that they’ll never compare to this wonder of a lady. Don’t worry, you are equally special and everyone writes differently so when she uses out-of-the-park verbs and you use the simple verbs, it doesn’t matter.

Structuring Your Novel will help you with plot pinches to easing out of the conflict. How to make that bad day even worse and the best bait to catch readers. This was super thorough and such an easy read. Even though it took me 2 weeks to read the beast of 165 pages, I still remember what the first pages are about. Even though there isn’t gunfights and car chases through the back streets of London, I still enjoyed this non-fiction book. I’m a kicker for action so I’m not normally settling in for Stay Calm- that is a real novel believe it or not. But this was a pleasant read that I loved.

Anyone looking for tips and pointers should go and buy this pride and joy. It will change your life like running water and frying pans. If you aren’t excited to read the book, then you can check out her blog where she posts mini books like this in blog post format. (If that made sense)

Now I’m going to get a start on the plot of In a Flash and get back to you soon.


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