Brainstorming for the Next Epic Novel

I apologize, the title is misleading but it does its job.

It’s been a long long time since I wrote a Shadows related post. Like about writing the novel, not writing tips and whatnot. But I’m back with a misleading titled post.

As some might know and some not, I’m rewriting my novel and with that comes the redoing of everything I did wrong. AKA, everything. So ya, welcome to my life for the next 2-3 months.

It was a rainy and cold Saturday when Carlye decided it would be fun to go work on her novel. And not just in her room, seated at her desk. She had to do it in the 15-degree weather out on their deck. She ‘wanted some fresh air.” Likely story.

So fast forward 30 minutes and you’d see me hunched over the laptop, tapping on the keys with my frozen fingers. I had completed reading the Structuring Your Novel from K.M. Weiland and was finished writing the review. So what was next?

I sat in the cold, listening to the rain pattering on the rooftop. The sound of sirens racing through the streets and splashing through the puddles collecting in the gutter. Sorry, I got caught up in the description.

I couldn’t think of anything and all my brainstorming was washing up dry. So I decided to take a break and stop forcing myself to get inspiration. If there is one thing to take away from this is, don’t force ideas. When you do, all you get is copies from published works of art and then the publishing companies shall name you the copycat. Not good.

But I didn’t despair. Even though I was strongly considering throwing the idea and all into the garbage, I refused to give up on it. Look at it in the new light of a new day. So Saturday I headed out to the deck once again, searching for ideas. This time it was much better.


I now have 3 ideas for my novel, with semi-colour coded notes. The red is a question that involves the plot when the green is for questions about the character. I even called my sister out to take pictures of me and my writing equipment. You can just see how colourful my notes are now,

That is all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed this and have a great day further.

– Carlye

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