Summer Goals Recap

Are you ready for back-to-school? It’s now fall and that means pumpkin food (if you like that kind of stuff) and leaves falling everywhere.

But at the beginning of summer, I wrote a blog post about all the goals I wanted to accomplish so I could have a fun filled and productive summer. So let’s see what I did and didn’t check off.

Read 80 books:

Yes, I did read 80 books. In fact, I read 84 books and I just bought 5 more for the beginning of school. But there’s a book sale coming up and I might check it out. 🙂

Win July Camp Nanowrimo

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Breaks out the balloons 2 months late* I’ve had them hidden in my desk drawer just waiting for the opportunity to write this. Have you ever thought that even though you break out the balloons, they are just automatically blown up? Sorry, got off topic for a sec.


But I got my Macro editing in the pocket and then being the child I am, I scrapped the whole project. But I did get my summer goal and that’s all I wanted. Just let me thank Maya, Gabby, and Arunima for being super awesome during the month of July. And I think there was one more girl, but I sadly don’t remember her name so sorry if you’re reading this.

Try a New Hairstyle

I did this as well. Here are some pictures of what it looked like.


Post every week

I didn’t do that so that is one thing I never did. Though I’m gonna write a bunch of posts before I have to go back to school.

Finish my Summer movie

Instead of writing it all out, why don’t you go check out my video that I made about my summer movie.

Do something different every week

I think this is a 50-50. I mean some days I didn’t do much, others days I did. But I did do some things I’ve never done before such as…

  • Eating sushi (I nearly puked after)
  • Went shopping with my older sister
  • Having a water balloon fight with over 150 water balloons that my cousin and I filled up
  • Had a movie-free sleepover with my friend (which was awesome)
  • Conquered a front walkover, then lost the skill 2 days later
  • Bought a planner
  • Decorated my first locker!
  • Got a new backpack for the first time in 6 years

DIY something

I was going to DIY shoes, but I couldn’t find a cheap pair anywhere. I don’t want to waste 20 bucks on something I’ll probably ruin. But I might still do it in the school year.

Instead, I decided to remake my notebook. You can’t really see too well on camera, but in person, it’s pretty bright.


Finish writing and planning out Season 2 of Trying to Trust

I did that as well. I have it all planned out and am waiting for a chance to start taking the pictures.

Have at least 3 sleepovers

Alright, so I worked all summer for at least 5 hours every day for the first month. Then I worked 8-9 hour days for the rest. I think I have an excuse for not doing that. Though I did have 1 sleepover.

Successfully bake something

I made pancakes for my family if that counts but no, I didn’t bake anything at all.


So I have to say that I’m surprised with all that I’ve done. I had work and I have gone for a while, but I had a productive and fun summer!


4 thoughts on “Summer Goals Recap

  1. It looks like you had a great summer! How did you read 84 books in one summer?! I’ve read 52 this entire year… *applauds you* Woah that’s a lot of work… If you don’t mind me asking what sort of work is it? (It’s fine if you aren’t comfortable)


    1. No, it’s completely fine if I tell you! I worked the berry fields for a month and a half. Then after that, I worked at a different berry farm and then helped with pulling weeds and whatnot. But now I’m cleaning houses and apartments that my dad builds.
      And the reason I read some much is that we went camping for 10 days and there was a really long drive. I may have even convinced my mom to find a library close by so I could take out a few books. *Cough* five *Cough* I also may read a bit to much and even spent our high school’s sports day reading on the grass instead of watching. Great job on reading 54 books though!

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