Interview with Maya Gray

Hello ladies and gents! Today I had the honour of interviewing this amazing girl who just published her very first book, Hide and Seek. If you want to support her (why wouldn’t you?) then you can follow her blog here and I’ll give you the link to her book here.

Now without further ado, I give you Maya Gray in all her glory!

  1. What inspired you to start writing? 

I started writing when I was around ten. First I wrote short stories based on writing prompts. Then I wrote fanfiction, more short stories, and eventually ended up deciding to write a novel (Hide and Seek). My first attempt at writing a book was in 2015. I was inspired by some music I was listening to on the car ride home from the airport, and I ended up only writing about two scenes.

2. When and where did you get the idea for your book?

I got the idea when I was having a sleepover at my friend Aaliyah’s house on New Year’s Eve. We just randomly thought, “Hey, let’s write books!” and after browsing writing prompts and baby name websites for hours, I came up with the idea for Hide and Seek and started creating my characters.

3. What were some of the setbacks you experienced when writing/brainstorming? (We all know we have those times in writing)

I had a lot of setbacks. During the first year of coming up with the idea for Hide and Seek, I would go for weeks without writing and when I did, I didn’t write very much. This was before I even knew that it was possible to get self-published. But a specific set back I clearly remember was this January. I didn’t like the last chapter I had written and was really discouraged. I also had no idea what to do next. I was stuck for a really long time before I rewrote that chapter and kept going.

4. What is your favourite book?

Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger!

5. Have you ever met any famous authors? 

Not yet, but I am meeting Shannon Messenger in a few days. 😀



6. Did you ever imagine yourself writing a book and publishing it? 

No, not at all. When I started writing Hide and Seek I was clueless about publishing and didn’t think it was possible to be published as a teen.

7. What are your other hobbies besides blogging and writing?

I play the piano! And of course, I love reading.

8. How did you handle family, blogging, and wanting to write?

It’s hard to balance reading, writing, blogging, and everything else in life… Whenever I read a lot I don’t write as much, and when I write a lot I don’t read a lot. The struggle is real! Toward the end of the writing process, I was able to balance everything a little better, but it’s still something I have to work on.

9. What was your typical spot for writing?

My desk, a coffee shop, or the library.

10. What was your favourite scene to write about?

*looks in book* Chapters 12 and 13! You’ll have to read the book to find out what those scenes are…


Hide and Seek PNG Full
Fun Fact: One of her character’s name is the same as one of my character’s name


11. Did any of your friends help you out with the process?

Yes! Besides my beta readers, I’ve asked some of my friends what characters they like the best and what they think should happen next.

12. How did your family react when you told them you were done the writing?

I ran around my house squealing and screaming and they were all like, “CAN I READ IT NOW??”

13. How many times did someone ask you what your story was about?

Way too many times to count…

I hope you feel like you know this amazing author a bit better! Now you can say, “I knew her before she was famous!”

Also, she is hosting a giveaway for her novel for her novel so if you want to check it out, click here.

Have an awesome day and go check out her blog!


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