Programs I use to Write

As a writer, you are always looking for programs that are free or at least cheap to make the writing process easier.

*Disclaimer* I wasn’t sponsored by any of these programs, I just like using them.


Sorry, I had to blur out the plot

I know a lot of writers and college students use Evernote to write and keep track of notes. I really like how it has different folders (Notebooks) that you can organize your notes in.

I use Evernote for everything from notes and ideas about my novel to blog ideas that I have. There even are templates that you can use if you’re writing. There are templates for character interviews, settings, and brainstorming help. It’s like a treasure trove for all writers that are suckers for lists.



This program is perfect for goal setting. It allows you to set a goal and deadline, and then you update it whenever you finish something.

I also really like how you can do word sprints. It has a 25 minute period of time where you try to write as much as you can. It keeps track of your words written and even if you leave and then come back, it keeps your progress. After 25 minutes are up, there is a 5-minute break and a new word sprint comes up.

Google Docs

I only use Google Docs if I’m writing my actual novel. I like how I can easily view the number of words written, change the font and size, and comment for my edits. Other than that, I don’t use Google Docs for anything novel related.



I don’t use this program for writing, but it helps me keep track of books I’ve read, currently reading, and books I want to read. It’s also helpful to read reviews and ratings and see if the book is worth it.

I also follow a bunch of writing blogs, so if you want to check them out I’ll list them below.

K.M. Wieland- Helping Writers Become Authors

Madison Grace- Write Undeafted

Josie Beth- Josie Beth

Julia Rose- Julia Rose

Maya Grey- Life From Behind the Camera

And that is all we got for today, if you try out the programs you won’t regret it. Bye for now!

What programs do you use for writing and do you recommend them?


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