2018 Recap

It’s hard to think that 2018 is over. I’ve had a lot of awesome memories and things happen. This is going to sound cheesy and all but, looking back at 2018, I can see how much I’ve grown.

In January I wasn’t doing much, but now when I look at all I’m doing I see how productive I am. That sounded like bragging didn’t it. I apologize. But seriously, when you look back on your year, look at the parts where you struggled and see how you can change that.

Stop obessing with personal growth Carlye and get with the program. Now without further ado, I present my 2018 year! Bask in the light of its awesomeness.


  • I became a teenager, which is pretty life changing
  • I made my first WordPress blog, Silverfoxstudios
  • I showed my stories the light of the internet by posting one of them on my blog



  • I started blogging about my writing. At the time I was writing some ninja novel called In a Flash. Sadly the book was buried in the archives.
  • I started a photo-story series called Trying to Trust and posted some behind the scenes photos
  • I bought my newest doll, Zoey Brianna Yang. She has undergone some changes since her arrival, but honestly, I think Zoey rocks awesome purple highlights.


  • I bombarded my Silverfoxstudios followers with countless pictures that I took. Some of them were cringy, others are more baked.
  • I started writing my first official novel, In a Flash.
  • I redid my bookshelves with books I actually read. Good-bye Litte House on the Priare\

*When writing this I realized how much of my life was boring. I didn’t do anything interesting in my life, so I apologize for the lack of content in the first half of 2018*

Enjoy this photo when I didn’t have any style sense and still paraded around in pink sequined shirts. No offence to you if you enjoy that kind of thing.


  • I gave you readers some half-baked advice on how you can keep writing, even when you don’t want to
  • This was the month when I went all hard-core writing days. I would write blog posts about every day I wrote and I had to include how I didn’t write for half of that time
  • I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo for the first time in forever
  • I made a super cringy day in the life post. I’m so mortified of my work that I’m not even going to link it
  • I must have been desperate to publish blog posts that I published 6 that month
  • I continued on my writing journey, though I didn’t win Camp that year


  • I started my Carlye’s Camera blog
  • Informed everyone on my Top 10 Favorite Books, which was my first official blog post
  • Finished writing the first draft of my novel, In a Flash
  • I published the first five parts of Trying to Trust
  • My best friend became a teenager and we can act like basic teenage girls together and nerd out on Sci-fi and fantasy books and discuss the characters of KOTLC together
  • I had a kinda-all nighter. I stayed up till 2 in the morning and then slept until 4 before resuming writing.



  • I became an official high-schooler at out school. (So, eighth grade for me)
  • I finished writing my second draft in the first week before letting it sit
  • I posted the next four parts of Trying to Trust
  • And I finally got to sleep in since school had ended
This picture was taken before I re-decorated my room. Forgive the disgustingness of the nightstand.


  • I won the July NaNoWriMo Camp with 30 hours of macro editing
  • My family did our annual family camping trip
  • I worked at a berry patch every single day. I woke up at 6 every single day.


  • I showed everyone my super old playlist full of songs that I don’t listen to
  • I actually offered some useful advice
  • My older sister turned 15!
  • I worked at another berry patch for 2 and a half weeks. I would literally go there at 7 in the morning and go home at 6 in the afternoon. Try keeping up with 2 blogs and a YouTube channel while doing that. Then for the half week, I pulled weeds at the patch. Since it was so hot, we would be at the patch at 6 and work till about 12.
  • I read Structuring Your Novel by K.M. Wieland. This book was such a help and I’m not sure what I would do without it
  • I recreated some old pictures that I took when I was a youngster {aka 11}
  • I posted the finale of Trying to Trust, along with a second shorter photostory.



  • I became the most organized person out there. I have a planner with a weekly spread and a calendar with a monthly spread. Plus I have a journal for every year.
  • I started high school and exceeded all expectations. While school in high school is different and less structured, it is still harder than 7th grade. Maybe it’s because I used to never have homework.
  • I decided to rewrite my novel, In a Flash. It wasn’t working for me and I low-key hated the plot. Was I fine with throwing half a year’s worth of hard work out the window? Honestly, I was pretty excited.
  • And… I neglected my Silverfoxstudios blog. I was uploading every week on my YouTube and it was hard to get pictures for a blog post when I was filming and writing 24/7. But I’m setting higher expectations for 2019, promise



This was a pretty exciting month for me

  • I shared my shorter version of my To-Be-Read list. Back then it only had like, 10 books or something. Now I’ve racked up a list of 67 books to read.
  • I decided to scrap my whole ninja thing and went with a newer idea that was bouncing around in my head. I wasn’t sad to let it go. Though I still have to story floating around somewhere and I kept the structuring notebooks in case I want to pick the story back up
  • I gave everyone a lecture on how to kick Writers’ Block’s butt.
  • I informed all of my writer friends why I wasn’t going to hop on the bandwagon and do NaNoWriMo that month.
  • Lastly, I showed everyone who my characters were for my newest novel, Chase
  • I neglected my Silverfoxstudios blog for another month and didn’t really think about it. I kinda pushed that part of my internet life to the back of my mind right next to a book plot I hated and a cringy photo that I found
  • I laughed my head off as we passed all the Halloween decorated houses. The neighbours looked pretty foolish with severed hands and rubber rats on their steps.


One of the main characters, Asher White


  • My younger sister had a birthday
  • I started my favourite and most dreaded phase of writing. Characters. I enjoy making the characters and interviewing them, but I loathe the Character Arcs. Woe is to me!
  • I was privileged to get to interview the one and only Mya Grey. After looking over the interview, I noticed spell-check spelled her name wrong. Sorry about that Mya. She released her book Hide and Seek on the same day as my sister’s birthday and we have the same main character’s name, Asher
  • I agonized over the bookish tag; debating whether Kyhypus or Tobias deserved the coveted title of fictional crush
  • I wrote a non-sponsored post about my favourite writing programs
  • I forgot about my doll blog. Again. For the 3rd time in the past 4 months. Moving on

hide and seek


  • Bookshelf tour. I hope you aren’t sad to hear that I already redid the bookshelf and I’m waiting until I finish collecting the Percy Jackson series to do another tour. Ready your shields
  • I posted about productivity because I felt the end of December would be a good time to talk about organizational stuff. My favourite subject besides learning and books.
  • I was elected for the Liebster Award
  • I redid my nightstand it looks epic
  • I posted almost every week for the past 3 months
  • My 2 year anniversary on YouTube came and went
  • I’m almost half-way done Grade 8 already!!!!!


And now for the numbers and accomplishments:

  • I read 345 books this year (does this mean I have to much time on my hands?)
  • I read 1,2,3 John, Revelation, Joshua, John, 1&2 Samuel, and Song of Solomon (I also read chapters here and there, but these are the full books I remember reading)
  • I posted 26 posts on this blog this year
  • I’ve changed my writing 3 times. (writing In a Flash, rewriting Flash, and scraping Flash to write Chase)
  • 47 songs on my playlist to push me through writing
  • Around 730 hours of sleep lost to writing and reading (If you get 8 hours of sleep every day, you should sleep for 2920 hours)
  • A journal and a half used up
  • Around 40 books bought this year
  • 1 doll added to the family
  • earned an eighth-grade education
  • learned a 3rd language

And that is my 2018 in numbers and broken down in months. Observing all that I did, once I got hardcore into my writing, I had more stuff done. When I wasn’t into writing that much, I wouldn’t get a ton finished. Isn’t that funny?

And now with 2019 right around the corner, I can grow even more and get even more done! *Sequels*

How was your 2018? Biggest accomplishments? Tell me all about it down below


5 thoughts on “2018 Recap

  1. In my opinion 2018 was a great year! I can’t believe you read that many books… 😱 Also np about spelling my name wrong… pretty much everyone does. Also everyone pronounces my name “Mia” when it’s “Mya.” XD Great post! I can’t wait to see your bookshelf rearranged. I may have an unhealthy obsession with seeing peoples’ bookshelves…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *Wipes the sweat off forehead* I’m glad you don’t care when I spelled your name wrong. People do that to me as well… Carley, Carlee, Carly, Harley. (Someone thought it was Harley once)
      I also love seeing people’s bookshelves and when I go to a friends house I look at the books and ask to borrow them. When I was rearranging the shelf today I laid all my books out in the series. I sat down and stared at the long line of books. It was very overwhelming and I wondered if I really should have bought the last two KOTLC books.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL, the best names are always the hardest to spell because they’re so unique. I went to Goodwill today just to take a look around, and came out with a huge stack of books. XD It was a struggle to get them to fit on my shelf… I had to stack some and lay some across the tops of other books. Even though I just got this shelf a month or two ago. And Keeper is always worth it. ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s true!
    What kind of books did you get? And what you did with your books sounds so relateable. On my night-table shelf, I have to put books behind the front books. I tried to convince my parents to get me a bigger shelf but they told me it wouldn’t work. I might have to stack books in my closet or something.
    I know! And when it’s only 13 dollars for a hard-cover KOTLC book, you can’t say no!


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