What Does 2019 Hold?

Happy New Year everyone!

Did you know this could be the last year that ends with ‘teen’? So go dance in the rain and blast your music.

Anyway, I am a terrific goal-setter. I plan out my month and week and try to fit in everything possible. Sometimes I accomplish what needs to be done with time to spare, other times I completely fail. *cough cough*

But I still love lists, planning, and goal-setting. On my 2019 goal list is:

Learn a new language

I’m not sure how I’m going about to do this, but I’ve done 5 years of languages so far. I know English, French, and Spanish. The hardest part was picking a language. I’m choosing between Greek (Thank you Percy Jackson) and Italian (b/c it’s easier)

Read 350 books

Crazy right? I read about 345 books last year and I think I can do 350 this year. That is a book every 1.04285714286 days. I can do it.

Finish writing Chase

I have it all planned out and if I stick to my schedule I’ll have it finished by December.

Win both NaNoWriMo camps

I’m coming for NaNo!!!! You’re about to be beaten.

Win November NaNoWriMo

If I planned it out correctly- and I usually do- then I’ll have a break in November for the novel to sit before the final draft. Unless I finish sooner.

I’ve had an idea bouncing around in my head and I was thinking about writing it without any prepping. Just write and see where it goes.

Upload every week on YouTube

I haven’t stuck to my word and uploaded every week, but this year it shall be different and I will stick to this goal.

Post every week on my blogs

This is going to be harder for my doll blog since I’m constantly using them to film. So I came with a new plan. Every week on this blog and every other week on my doll blog.

I’m going to get a job

In our church community, if you are 14 or older then you normally have a job. I work at the berry patch in the summer and help clean my dad’s apartments but other than that I don’t do anything.

Write a short story

The November NaNoWriMo ties into this.

And that is my goals for 2019! Make this year great!

Comment down below some of your 2019 goals, I’d love to hear them


3 thoughts on “What Does 2019 Hold?

    1. Thanks!
      I’m only doing April if I’m not finished writing Chase. I planned it all out.
      And yes, I know that’s a lot of books. But what else is there to do on a 1 hour commute to school via bus?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be doing camp in April unless I’m continuing to write my WIP then. And that makes sense. I would definitely spend my bus rides reading if I went to Public school.


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