Birthday Haul

Happy belated Birthday to me!

*Disclaimer* I’m not trying to brag about what I got.*

Alright now that we have that out of the way, I’m going to jump right into the content.

So naturally, I asked my parents to get me books. And from them, I received the Storm Siren Trilogy by Mary Weber. When I read them I really liked the series but was tired of borrowing them from the library. Now they sit on my shelf beckoning to me to read them.

I also asked for some other books, so I received the Wildwood book by Collin Meloy, Renegades by Merissa Meyer, and If We Survive by Andrew Klavan.

And surprise, surprise. I got more books. Let me explain this a bit. I know books are expensive but if you ever want to get people books, go to a second-hand bookstore. There the books are much cheaper.

And lastly, I got books 1-5 of Keeper of the Lost Cities. If you’re wondering, book five is sitting at the bottom of my friend’s backpack because she hasn’t read the whole series.

Sidenote: Who’s excited for the 8th book of Keeper of the Lost Cities? I know I am.

I really wanted to get rid of the ugly black and yellow Nikon camera strap that I had, so I got this one. That picture is a stock photo from Amazon. The real deal was on my camera before I could take a picture.

I also got a green screen for my filming endeavours and can’t wait to make a video with it.

My little sister bought me this outfit for my American Girl dolls. (I have a YouTube channel) It has these short-alls that you can unbutton, a cute off the shoulder shirt, a green choker, and these super cute rainboots. Thanks, sis!

My older sister bought me a collection of snacks and a gift card to the mall. Though I’m not allowed to buy more books with it. Thank you, other sister!

And from my amazing friend Jemima whom I geek out with over KOTLC, Sci-fi, and fantasy books- I was given a notebook. It’s not an ordinary notebook though. When you open it up and turn off the lights it the best bookish thing a book lover could ever ask for.

Behold the amazing book lamp! I don’t use it for reading by, but it makes a great light for sleepovers.

And that is all I got for my birthday!

I hope you all have an amazing February and go on a date with your fictional crush! Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Birthday Haul

  1. Happy birthday again! Those are some good books. 😀 I feel like bookworms are sometimes judged for only asking for books. But what else would we ask for? Clothes? Makeup? 😛 jk I know some bookworms could ask for those.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!
      And I do feel like bookworms are judged for asking for books. I don’t want something I’m not going to use. If I had to ask for some clothing item it’d have to have a bookish saying on it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Same. It’s not that a bookworm can’t ask for anything but books, but rather if you say you want books for your birthday or Christmas the reaction is usually, “What? Books? That’s all you want for your birthday? What about ______?”

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