Journey to the Center of the Earth- Almost

To you, a library is just a building you pass on your commute to work. To me, a library is a building made of marble filled with gold and silver and all things precious.

So this journey started at 9:30 at night. My mom was working on this 2000 piece puzzle while I ‘helped her.’ I was reading a book. But my dad came in and somehow libraries drifted into our conversation. Then he asked me where the biggest public library is.

It’s in Tronto. But anyway, the biggest one in British Columbia is in Vancouver. So being the charming girl I am, I asked my dad if he could bring me there. And he did.

Fast forward 2 and a half weeks and the day arrives! We roll out of the driveway bright and early at 11:00. I have high spirits and can’t wait.

But 15 minutes in, dad realizes he forgot his wallet. Now you can’t get gas without a wallet. We turn around and pick up the wallet.

We start out commute to Vancouver and don’t actually enter Vancouver until 12:00. But the GPS is leading his through these curves and turns and drops us off at a half-built house. I was stupid enough to enter the wrong address in the GPS.

But never fear! After sorting things out, we drive for another half hour before parking in a small parking garage.

For most people where I live, they love the countryside and smallish towns. But I love the bustle and noise of the city. I love the sounds and how everything is so colourful and bust.

So we walk 500 meters to the library. There it stands in all its glory.

This wonderful beauty had 9 stories complete with a rooftop garden. It was a dream come true.

And the inside had little shops along the outside and the library was in the spiral. So I lived in my dream for about 3 and a half hours before we had to head home.

Before I left the place of my dreams, I couldn’t leave without a cheesy picture.

If you are ever in Vancouver, go to this place. If you don’t go buy a plane ticket and come visit the library.

Have a fabulous day!

7 thoughts on “Journey to the Center of the Earth- Almost

      1. I think so! It’s the one in Boston, I was able to step in once as we were exploring Boston, but we had to leave. 😦 I love libraries! If you’re not sure, when I was on vacation, I went to 3 libraries in 3 different towns! I was looking for a book I had been reading at the time because I had forgot my books. Wow. So anyways, on our way their, we stopped at one but they didn’t have it, and we got one or two other books. We also went to the one in the town we were staying in, which had the book I wanted, and then when we were exploring another town, we went to a library there as well. That’s a lot of libraries!!


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