A Turn of Events

I love structure. I love knowing what to do next and what lays ahead.

But I also love spontaneity. I love throwing plans to the wind and just having fun with friends.

So because of the two, I stand on the fence post for writing. I like having a good strong plotline but I don’t enjoy the scene structure. I like the thrill of writing free, but I don’t like fixing plot holes.

Where do I go? I’m torn between writing free and structuring.
After weighing the options, I figured I’ll free hand it.

I still have an overly detailed outline and plot of what the story is going to be about. But I also have the freedom to do what I want.

So yea, that is all. This is the most random thing I’ve written. But… here are some things to look forward too:

  • Snippets from writing!!!
  • Another bookshelf tour
  • Maybe a room tour
  • And this is a hint to next week’s post:

Comment down below if you might know what it is. Have an awesome day everyone! Spring will be here soon.

15 thoughts on “A Turn of Events

  1. YAY! I’m proud of you for taking a leap with your writing. Personally for me, if I spent a lot of time structuring and plotting I would just loose interest in the book really fast. 🙂 OOOO ALL YOUR FUTURE POSTS LOOK AMAZING I CAN’T WAIT!

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      1. It’s really funny, because a few days after commenting this (yesterday), I started feeling stressed because I didn’t have a plan at all of where I was going, so I starting making a loose outline of the rest of my book. It’s not super detailed, but at least I’m getting a better idea of where I’m even going with my book. 😂

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      2. If you’re feeling stressed about writing, I feel like that isn’t a good sign. At least you know where you are going with your book. That’s a good start. But even super loose outlines help me. I’m just a visual learner and I need to see everything spread out.

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      3. Yeah, I was having a good time writing, but just starting feeling doubt about whether or not my story was good enough and if it even had a good plot since I didn’t know at all what I was trying to make happen. But I got some stuff sorted out on paper and feel better. 😄 It was just discouragement and doubt. My computer background actually says “the worst enemy to creativity is doubt.” Which is true.

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      4. I like your computar background. I just have a picture.
        And I doubt my writing all the time. I feel writers are harder on themselves then a friend would. But you can do it! In the end the story will be fabulous!

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      5. I know. It’s largely because we compare our books to others, when the books on our shelves have gone through so many drafts and edits and a first draft is not supposed to look like a finished book! Also since this is a sequel I’m afraid it will be a letdown from the previous book or just not flow… Now I know why sequels are supposed to be the hardest to write. 😛 Thanks!! Maybe I’ll email you it so it can be your background, too. 😀

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      6. I’m pretty certain that sequels are probably the hardest thing to write. But I’m sure your book will turn out great!
        And that is so true! We look at other books and think, if only I could write like that. But we never see the whole process of writing it.

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