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Hello friends! I’m back with yet another book related post. April has been crazy with Camp NaNoWriMo as you know, but know I have time to sit down and work on my blog.

Anyway, the epic Mya Gray has tagged me for this tag. So the rules are thanking the tagger (Thank you again Mya), include the rules and the graphic which wasn’t included, answer the questions, and then tag some more bookish people to do this.

What is your favorite thing about reading?

Probably reading and dreaming about it. I mean, when I read a book about demigods, I want to join the bandwagon. I will write fanfiction, I will cry with the characters, I will buy merch that relates to the book. I know I could never be a demigod, but I love to dream that I am.

Which male character is your favorite?

You can’t ask a book nerd to say their favorite book, character, etc. It’s like asking you mother to pick a favorite child. But I’d have to say Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson, Day from the Legend trilogy, Kyaphus from Unblemished, Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles, or Dex and Tam from Keeper of the Lost Cities.

Image result for thorne lunar chronicles

Which female character is your favorite?

Again, I can’t pick a favorite. Definitely Sophie from Keeper of the Lost Cities, Scarlet and Cress from the Lunar Chronicles, and Piper from Percy Jackson. Also, I really liked Emika from Warcross and Kiki Strike and Annaka from the Kiki Strike trilogy.

Who is your favorite villain of all time?

Oh… that’s hard. I don’t typically like villains, but I really like the bad guy from Losing Brave. I thought the person was all nice and everything and then bam! they were the villain.

Who is your least favorite character of all times?

*Smiles evilly* When I think of a terrible person the first person that comes to mind is Keefe. Not only is he terribly annoying, I would hate it if he ended up with Sophie.

I also really hated Joshua from the Unblemished trilogy. I hated what he did to Elyiana in the first book, and then at the end of the second I really disliked him.

Image result for keefe sencen

Which book do you think has the strongest plot?

Definitely Keeper of the Lost Cities. I tried to explain the plot and characters of the seven book series and I didn’t even finish the second book before Gemma was confused.

What gets on your nerves the most with a book?

Love triangles and then the ship doesn’t sail, when my favorite character dies, and when the characters use bad language every other sentence.

Which book has the best cover? (Share a picture)

I think either Toward a Secret Sky or the Evaporation of Sofi Snow.

Do you let people borrow your books?

Yes, but only a few select people. In order to borrow a book you must 1) be my friend, 2) gain my trust, 3) Promise to take utmost care of this book, 4) Return it when finished in the same condition as it was when I gave it.

If a book could be based of any book, what book would it be?

A lot of book to movies sucked, so if I could direct it and write the script then it’d be different. In that case though, I think I’d like to Keeper of the Lost Cities turned into a movie or maybe I’d redo the Percy Jackson movies.

What author inspires you the most?

Shannon Messenger because she is literally goals.

Image result for shannon messenger

What single book could you never live without?

The Bible. But if you are thinking fictional then, the Keeper of the Lost Cities series mashed into one huge book.

The Nominees:

Merie from the Imperial Scribis

Madison Grace from Madison Grace Author

Arabelle from Sparks of Ara

Clara from Clara & Co.

And anyone else who wants to do it!

I had a ton for fun writing this book tag! Until next time,

17 thoughts on “The Book Lover Blog Tag

  1. Oh yeah, I forgot about Joshua from Unblemished when I answered the questions. He’s my second least favorite character. I found it kind of funny to read about him in the third book though. He was such a jerk and I was just cackling. XD

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I was laughing because he was so pathetic it was funny. πŸ˜‚ But at the same time I wanted to scream. I didn’t like Ky either…


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