Room Tour

For over half a year I dreamed of getting a new room, redecorate it, and live happily ever after. Sadly, my parents weren’t living in the same fansty as me.

But then we came to a crossroads. If I got a job (which I have now) then we would paint my room. I immediately got working on that. Once I got the job, it was up to me to convince dad to buy paint.

I settled on a light blue that was super pale and the color theme of white, various shades of blue, and some scatterings of gold and green.

So I lived downstairs for about 2 weeks while my room got painted. Then I went shopping with my mom to Winners, Homesense, Walmart, and Ikea. The room came together and now I present to you, the updated room of Carlye!

Just kidding, that isn’t my room. That was the old room when I had when I was ten.

This is my new room. You have to tilt your head to get the best look. But I still have the same curtains and most of the furniture.

I have this nightstand that is full of books. In fact, I had to start putting books behind books to make room. But on top I have a plant, my bible, and a lamp.

Above that there is a hanging plant which looks super cute and was everything I wanted. Then a letter board where I can put bookish quotes or bible verses on. And then this gold ‘C’ made of some wire metal stuff.

I got rid of almost all my pillows and got a new bedspread. There is a blue polka dotted pillow, a plain white pillow, a fuzzy navy pillow, and a pillow that reads, “I’m not addicted to reading, I can quit as soon as I finish the next chapter.”

Above my bed is this huge billboard that I’m in the process of filling up.

I have photo stripes of my firends and I, random quotes, things from books, and a beautiful photo of one of my best friends. Also a old photo of my dad’s family.

Beside my bed is my dresser. Since I don’t have a closet in which I can hang clothing, everything I wear is stuffed in the 4 drawers. Let me tell you, it can be quiet the jigsaw puzzle sometimes. On top of my dresser are these adorable fake sunflowers. When it’s actually sunny, the sunshine shines in and casts a golden light on the dresser.

There’s this gold wire picture frame with glass where you slide the photo between the glass panes. I have this old mirror that came with the house. It used to be this ugly bronze color, but we painted it white. Then there are some white curtains.

My desk area has been fully revamped. I got a new chair, white instead of pink. I have my book fund sitting in the corner along with this cute little plant. Fake of course. I don’t think I could keep a real one alive. Above my desk is where I hang my calendar because I’m the most organized person alive.

And this is my favorite part. After my Book Outlet haul, I redid the bookshelf. There are gold fairy lights on each shelf and it looks so pretty at night. *Sighs dreamily* Then I have this cool fake ivy in a gold pot which is draped over the side of the shelf.

Well, that brings us to the end of this tour. Have a great day everyone!

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