My Writing Routine

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing my writing routine and how I normally churn out those words.

Step One: Water

It never fails, I will always fill up my water bottle before starting to write. It’s important to stay hydrated and hydration wards off headaches and dry spells of creativity. I despise the desert of creativity, so I will casually pause mid-word to sip my H20.

Step Two: Music

I always start writing in my room with my headphones on. It depends on what scene I’m writing, but I have three playlists for writing. One is for the sad and emotional scenes with emo music on it. The other is upbeat and motivational for the action scenes. And the third is a mix of the two for when I just feel like tossing it up.

Step Three: Chat

This always happens. I will be writing and then my mind wanders off. Then I’ll pull up my hangouts with friends and chat with them. But I’m usually writing around eight for me so it gets late over there for them. I apologize if I’m stripping you of sleep. But I’ll write a sentence or two before replying to them.

It ends up motivating me to keep writing because we’re exchanging writing snippets and just talking about life in general. That usually fuels the fire until we sign off.

Step Four: Word Sprint

Actually start writing. It’s slow goings at first, until I decide to word sprint. That makes me spew words out of my brain onto the page and I feel on fire. Like, I’m Leo Valdez! Bad boy supreme. (I’m not crazy non-PJO fans, I promise)

Word Sprinting gets me going until I feel like I can’t write anything else.

Step Five: Convince Myself to Contuine

This can be done in two ways.

  1. Look at overall word count and then the next big benchmark. Then figure out how much to write. Like if I have 41,478 words written then it’s like, let’s get 42k done today. That’s only 522 words to write. I have this add-on where it counts down to zero. I’ll say I want to write 522 words and it’ll countdown until I reach zero more words to write
  2. Procrastinate and then feel bad for procrastinating by doing option 1

Step Six: Update my word count

I always update my word count when I’m done writing because it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

That’s basically what happens every time I start writing. Have a wonderful day everyone and comment down below your writing routine.

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