Camping Trip 2019 Pictures

I went camping last month and had a grand ole time at the beach and working on my novel. While I was there I made sure to bring my camera and take lots of pictures.

So let’s just get started.

There was a HUGE lake that we shared with the fish and weeds. Despite the weedy conditions, it made a excellent way to cool off and looked beautiful later in the afternoon.

I snapped this picture of my cousin in their camper. Personally, I think he looks like some creepy man peeking through the blinds at some annoying neighbors who woke him up from his nap.

There was two docks which you could fish off of, or in Gemma’s case, jump off of. It would look a lot prettier without the pillar in the middle, but if it was gone I’d be floating down the river right now.

The sky looked absolutely gorgeous one night and I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

There is a old green fence/railing that stops people from falling in the water. It curves along the path and I thought it might make a good picture. Turns out I was right.

One night it got super windy and the clouds looked like lavender cotton candy. I biked down to the beach with my camera to takes some photos and get sand in my shoes.

I was so terrified of a big wave washing up on shore and soaking my camera while taking this picture.

We went for a walk around the town and naturally, I took my camera. The town was pretty small and I loved all the storefronts and brick buildings.

We visited this store that was bursting from the pockets of anything and everything. There was three stories full of toys, kitchenware, garden things, gadgets, and clothing. You couldn’t turn around without bumping into something. This is an idea of what part of the store looked like.

My family drove for half an hour to some special mineral lake up in the mountains. While this scenery is breathtaking and all, it was slightly underwhelming compared to the photos we saw. I think we were there on the wrong day at the wrong time.

There was one day when it suddenly started to downpour. Everyone in the campsites made mad dashes for cover to evade the rain. My family was nicely tucked in the cozy camper while I was living it up in a moldy tent.

My tent became a test of mold to grow on. I had offered to sleep there because a) more room, b) no people, and c) reading all night. But once we started to set it up, we found the mold. Don’t worry, the fungi only damaged 10% of my brain.

I had crudely set it up because we didn’t have enough pegs and a small breeze threatened to collapse the tent. Now imagine 5km gusts of wind and gales rain and my pathetic excuse for a tent withstanding it. I had to run out in the middle to secure it to a tree and my cousin’s tent. Rain kept blowing in and getting my things wet. Including my books. 😦

My four sided tent became two sided and I was sopping wet. Thankfully I didn’t join the fishes that night in the lake.

You can’t have a photography post without a picture of my converse.

This particular picture of the fire reminds me of a crocodile with its mouth half open. Are you seeing what I saw? *Spontaneously bursts out into Christmas Carols*

We didn’t have a ton of beautiful sunsets because it was hidden behind the mountains and trees. Nevertheless, I still managed to get a few decent sunset pictures.

Right by the bathrooms there was this dim light that flickered on and off and a vending machine. At night the whole bathroom area looked like a setting for a horror/thriller movie.

I also edited it so it was black and white with only the red was showing.

On the drive home, we drove along the bare mountainside and there was a huge valley on the side of the highway. Even though we didn’t stop for pictures, I think this one still turned out. Look at the huge blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds.

Lastly, there is the typical road ahead picture with the yellow lines painted on the cement and scenery ahead.

How was your summer and did you go on vacation? Let me know in the comments!

I’ll be seeing you next week!

4 thoughts on “Camping Trip 2019 Pictures

  1. Gabby

    So I’m not the only one who takes shoe pictures! I actually have a folder on my computer labeled ‘the traveling feet’ filled with pictures I’ve taken of my shoes (from sandals to converse) and my parents are always asking me why and I’m unsure, it just feels symbolic to take pictures of everywhere I’ve stood before, it’s neat and nostalgic in my opinion!

    Anyways, your pictures are so so beautiful! Every image is so unique and pretty and it looks like you had a great trip!

    Liked by 1 person

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