2019 Summer Recap

That was another summer for the books!

As usual, I’m doing a recap of my 2019 summer. At the beginning I made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish this summer. So let’s just jump right into it.

Finish Draft 1 and 2 of Chase

I finished both Draft 1 and 2 of Chase. I finished up the first draft in June and then worked on Draft 2 throughout July and August before finishing that up.

Win Camp NaNoWriMo July

I did win and have the certificate to prove it! My goal was 30 hours of editing, which I did accomplish.

Camp 2019 - Winner - Instagram Pic
Finish The Destruction of Wonderboy

Somehow we never got around to writing the second part of The Destruction of Wonderboy, but maybe we’ll have some new ideas when Legacy comes out.

Post a blog post every week

I did manage to do that, despite my crazy month of July.

Read 60 books

I passed that with flying colors. I read 80 books this summer.

Dye my hair

I never got around to dying my hair.

Wreck a Wreck-This-Journal

I didn’t even see a Wreck-This-Journal at any stores, so no.

Film my summer movie

About that… I may have given up stop-motions 2 weeks into summer. Now the dollhouse is out of my closet and all the doll items are living it up in some bins. But I do take them out for photography purposes.

Photoshoots. Lots of them

I don’t particularly like people taking pictures of me, but when we were camping Gemma held a photoshoot session.

Give barbies a make-over

That also never happened because I didn’t end up hosting a sleepover at my house where stores are within walking distance.

Have a bunch of friends over

As previously mentioned, I didn’t have anyone over. It was a semi-lonely summer.

Have a bonfire

I did have a small fire when at a sleepover, but there was no guitar burnings.

Camping in the backyard

Once again, I didn’t camp in my backyard, only in my friend’s backyard. And I might have kept them up all night with my constant tapping.

Meet my online friends

I knew there was a very unlikely chance of me meeting any of them, but I could at least hope. Hopefully next year.

Go camping with my family

We went on our annual family camping trip and I was privileged enough to get the whole tent to myself while the rest of my family slept in a trailer.

Work (not a really a goal)

I did work. It was fun.

Save some money

I did that as well. I only bought like, 12 books this entire summer.

Go to the Vancouver Public library agian

I did do that with my dad and we didn’t get lost this time. I also went to the Okanogan Public Library as well.

Take some walks

I didn’t do that because my summer was pretty cloudy and rainy, so I was cold. Although it did offer perfect writing weather.

Sleep in a blanket fort

It was very cozy with my christmas lights strung up. A little to cozy when I tried to sleep though.

How was your summer? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time,

8 thoughts on “2019 Summer Recap

  1. sounds like you crushed some of the most important goals! go you 🙂 and you had some really awesome photography in other posts this summer!
    80 books is amazing. Go you! I didn’t read half as much because it took me a month into the summer to finish War and Peace XD very long, i will tell you right now. but i still read a good amount of time and I feel like any well-read summer is a good summer.
    hope school goes well for you! can’t wait to hear more!
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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