The Last Day of 2019

It’s almost over guys.

This may be the last year you live that ends with ‘teen.

I hope you had a great year. Hopefully you wrote that book, posted that first video, or told that person how much they meant to you. I hope 2019 was your year.

For me personally, 2019 has been bittersweet. I did a lot of wonderful things, but I also experienced a lot of hard things.

I won’t bore you with the details except there was lots of sleepless nights and me pouring my stress out on my lovely friends.

Now, I never read 350 books or learned a new language, but I did do some stuff worth mentioning.

I became friends with some of the most lovely people in the world

Jorja, Mya, and Merie have become some of my closest friends. I know they’re reading this so I won’t get super personal. But I don’t know what life would be like if I never met you. You are the reason I’m smiling in the morning and I will forever cherish our role playing high-jinks.

I met Shannon Messenger and Marissa Meyer

I didn’t blog about it because I took an unannounced break from the blog. But I met Shannon Messenger for the release of Legacy and Marissa Meyer for the release of Supernova.

I don’t want to turn the comment section into a Fitz vs Keefe debate, so we’ll leave out all opinions of Legacy. But both of the ladies were super friendly and I got my book signed and I had the time of my life.

Finished writing Chase

And then I edited it. And re-edited. And brought my friends to tears as they proceeded to edit it.

I did read 301 books

How I did it, who knows. But I think I deserve the official book dragon award now.

Tales of the Lonely Sun

Now that monster project took up at least a third of my year. I got really good at summarizing the blog in one sentence with all the interviews we filled out for the tour.

*Pauses for deep breath* Tales of the Lonely Sun is a collaboration blog with Jorja, Merie, Mya, and myself and we have a seasonal story contest, book reviews, and writing advice. To learn more take a look at the actual blog.

Was introduced to Hans and pastitsio

Enough said

Quit my doll blog and Youtube channel

I found myself not having enough time to make the videos, so I quit. Or in other words, stopped creating AG doll centered content. Kit and Isabelle are now living it up in a plastic container in my closet.

Won both Nano camps

I blogged about my winnings, so I shan’t mention them here.

Took on a new un-named writing project

You can read about it here, but since no one besides my friends have seen a single word I wrote, you deserve a snippet to conclude both the blog post and 2019.

“Everyone, silence!” My father addresses the mass of people with a kinder tone than the one he uses on his eldest daughter. “We are gathered here today for the public execution of Brenner ________. He has been found guilty of breaking several laws. High treason, stealing, the resistance of capture, and magic use. Brenner _____ was sentenced to death January eleven this year. One week later we are fulfilling his punishment. Shogun ______ please unlock him from the stocks.”

In the clammer of everyone to get the best view, I was pushed to the front. I got front row seats of the shogun unlocking the little boy. Brenner fell to his knees weeping. There was bloody cuts all over his body and it looked like his leg had been broken.

My heart broke for the child. He couldn’t have been any older than seven or eight. Why was no one standing up for this? It’s inhumane to kill a child for something that might have only been an accident.

Shogun _____ dragged Brenner by the arm. The boy’s leg thumped up the stairs and he wailed in pain. Each stuttering breath cracked my heart a little more. Tears streamed down his face, washing some of the filth of his dirt streaked face.

They offered no blindfold and threw the thrashing boy down on the table. Tying him down, the boy still tried to get loose. The crowd cheered and chanted, “Death to the Alderglass, death to the Alderglass!”

I couldn’t handle it. The noise and chanting were overwhelming. The way no one stopped the child’s death was disgusting. His crying pierced my heart. I clapped my hands over my ears to drown on the noise.

Father held up his hand and the crowd grew settled. They rustled around silently. I tried to focus on anything but the cries of Brenner. I tried to breathe deeply, but they only came out shallow and rapid.

Seconds ticked by as the boy stopped moving. His cracked lips moved silently like he was murmuring a prayer. Then suddenly, the emperor gave the signal and the executioner let the blade fall.

It fell quick and heavy, delivering death swiftly.

For a moment the people stood shocked, but then a harsh cheer broke the echoing thunk of death. To the people, it was evident that this was a good thing. The world had been ridden of one more Alderglass, one more rebel, one more seven-year-old boy.

Mind the blanks, they’re for when I’m wordsprinting and don’t want to scour the internet for names.

But, expect some changes coming up in the near future. Think of it as, ‘new year, new me!’

Until next time,

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