The perils of writing a book

I tried to write 50k in November. I burned out.

I tried to plan a book in a month. It failed.

But…. I didn’t give up.

Welcome the perils of writing a book. Specifically, a novel devoid of a proper title, synopsis, or cover. I’ll burn that bridge when I get there.

There will be ups, there will be downs, there will be midnight writing sessions. So welcome to my blog series where I provide the eager and meagre audience with snippets, thoughts, and maybe the occasional picture of me writing. Without further ado, let it begin.

It all started as a grand idea to win NaNoWriMo. Did I win? No. Did I learn from it? Yes. I learned that forcing words out of your mind doesn’t work, nor does ignoring the small amount of sleep you get.

And now I’m here.

Standing in my cold bedroom with a laptop, 16 notebooks, and 36.6k words. Oh, and some roleplaying buddies.

But I suppose I should share a snippet or two from my thrown together draft one. Seriously, I have no idea where Hana and Takashi and Rowan went. They just took three words and ran with them.

Since everyone was very concerned about the little boy who was executed in the last snippet, I will attempt to find a sweeter snippet. Maybe some flowers or sunshine.

The dishes on my nightstand rattled. The jug of water on the table glugged. The moisture on my window streaked. Small bubbles of water rose and twirled through the air. I couldn’t help but laugh.

Out of all the Alderglass the ninja had hidden away, the unfamous bandits decided on the water bender to attack me. I wasn’t sure if that was an insult or a compliment. The water splashed harmlessly on the samurai, wetting the front of their clothes. This use of magic was underwhelming.

So I have many adventures with my characters, most with them refusing to corporate with my outline. But some of the best moments happen when roleplaying.

From pasta stealing to Rowan (cool shadow dude) insulting Hank to hijacking the K-drama world and playing dodgeball. The adventures are endless when it comes to Hannah, Merie, Mya, Jorja, Abigail and I.

If anyone follows my Instagram you may have seen this image on my story.

Now, there was multiple layers of text beneath there, but that’s the end product of two rivals when they’re handed social media.

Merie, I shan’t forget that annoying emoji you always permit Hans to use.

But the writing process of this novel is coming along. I do have to admit at least 78% of Rowan was created during the introduction with a pot of pasta.

The first thing that drew me in was her eyes……

….. They were like puddles in the middle of the night. Reflecting the never-ending universe.  I felt like just her gaze would swallow me up and I would fall for the rest of eternity because she was too complex to ever end.

Oh poor Takashi, what will I ever do with you.

Now, I realize most of this post is just me retelling the events of my group chat, but I must assure you I do write sometimes. Though I tend to save thos moments for the middle of the night.

But it’s slowly trudging along at a slug’s pace. One day, hopefully before the end of the year, I’ll finish draft one. But I can tell this novel will be longer than Chase.

“Thanks, Rowan.” He nodded and picked up my empty soap bowl. “The rain doesn’t bother you?” I asked.

“No, I like the rain and the darkness it brings.”

“Huh, that’s kinda dark.” 

He laughed. “I’m the ninja of darkness. Everything about me is dark.” He gestured to his all-black outfit. Black boots, black cloak, black hair, even twin black swords strapped to his back.

See, Rowan has his charming side. Plus a really epic cave.

That is everything I have for you today. I promise next time it’ll be more organized, but this will have to suffice.

Have a wonderful time everyone!

14 thoughts on “The perils of writing a book

  1. Jorja Ayres

    I’m over here laughing every time pasta is mentioned. I feel so accomplished. XD I can’t wait to read your book when you’re done with it!

    And yes, Rowan does have a pretty epic cave.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This makes me even for excited to read it… ahhh all your characters are so precious but also epic and kick-butt and I will treasure them in my heart forever. Our roleplaying adventures are certainly a blast. 😆 I can’t wait for more of these posts.

    Liked by 2 people

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