The Never Have I Ever Tag

I saw this on my friend’s blog and pounced upon it because I thought it would make for an interesting tag. Thanks Merie.

So, let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favour.

Never have I ever…

… started a novel that I didn’t finish

Uh… I have done that one too many times. Remember In a Flash? It’s been sitting in my Drive collecting megabytes of dust.

… written a story completely by hand

Short stories? Yes. 50k novels? Not so much. Maybe a few odd chapters here and there, but not an entire book.

… changed tense midway through the story

I have actually done that, in the novel I’m writing right now. It was a sad sight going back to edit everything.

… not researched anything before writing

Nope. Never. I refuse to ever do that.

I will do extensive research on the surrounding topics before planning and then more research before writing. It’s gets a little out of hand sometimes, but that’s okay.

… changed my protagonist’s name partway through writing

Not the protagonist’s name, but I did change my antagonist’s name after the fifth chapter.

… written a story in less then a month

Ha. What do you take me for? Superman?

I’m lucky if I can write an entire novel in four months.

… fallen asleep while writing

No, but I have fallen asleep as a result of staying up to late writing.

… corrected someone’s grammar when online or in real life

I only correct a few people’s grammar, but always try to correct my own. Sometimes I even mutter a word to myself just to make sure I have the right tense and conjugation.

… yelled at myself in all capitals when writing

Not in an actual draft, no. But if I’m editing then there are all sorts of yelled comments with a million exclamation marks.

… used, ‘I’m writing,’ as an excuse

I have, but when does it truly work? Try as I might, I can’t get out of cleaning my room just because ‘I’m writing.’ It doesn’t work that way.

… killed a character that I based a real person off of

I’m not that mean.

Sure I tend to base my characters off of elements of people I know, but I have never purposely killed a character that is based off my enemies.

… used pop culture references when writing

I’ve used a few references when writing, but not specifically pop culture ones. So yeah, yes I have.

… written between the times of 1 am and 6 am

Sleep is for the weak.

… drank an entire coffee pot when writing

I don’t drink coffee or any caffeinated beverage so… no.

… written down dreams that could become potential novels

I daydream all the time, in class, on the bus, when trying to sleep. And usually this stunning novel ideas will hit just as I’m about to close my eyes and sleep.

… published an unedited story on the internet

I have in fact. It’s right here on this blog and of course I’ll link it for viewing pleasure.

this is everything i never said, a short story.

… procrastinated homework to write instead

Ha, what do you think I’m doing right now?

… typed so long my wrists hurt

I have never done that. Who’s wrists hurt from typing? If anything it would be their fingers or head.

… spilled a drink on my laptop when writing

I am very careful with my laptop and would never dare to even think of accidentally doing something remotely close to that.

… forgotten to save my work

That my friends, is why I use Google Docs and Evernote. They automatically save.

… finished a novel

I have done that twice. One is rotting away on my Drive. The other one is undergoing intense editing and rereading and other uncomfortable things.

… cackled like a villain when writing

I don’t believe I’m capable of anything that isn’t cackling.

… cried when writing

*Shamefully raises hand* I am guilty. And I even made others cry as well.

created maps of fictional worlds that I’m writing about

Even though Chase is set in Vancouver, I still made a map of sorts. And for the Medieval Fantasy, you best bet I made a map. In fact, I made three of them.

researched something shady for a novel

I am fully confident that one day the NSA will knock on my door wearing thier tailored suits and dark sunglasses, holding a laptop up with my search history displayed on the screen. You will see things like, where can you buy a gun, or how to get on the dark web, or, assassins for hire.

That my friends, is the Never-Have-I-Ever writer’s edition tag thing. If you desire to do this tag, do so.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

10 thoughts on “The Never Have I Ever Tag

  1. I died reading this. 😂 Some weird searches I’ve done were “injuries from being thrown off a roof,” “does it kill someone to push them off a one story roof,” “drug dealing,” and “ptsd in long term kidnapped teens.” And then there were a lot more about broken ribs, concussions, ptsd, amputations, and all that. Yours are probably a little more suspicious.
    This post was great, and I hope you got your homework done after.

    Liked by 6 people

  2. Yess, this tag is so fun!! 😀 I recently did this one too, and our answers were pretty similar (for the most part haha like I am awed at your amazing researching skills, I barely ever research before starting a project XD). I loved reading this post, Carlye ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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