A bookshelf tour

It’s been a long time since I did a bookshelf tour, and since then my bookshelf has changed dramatically. No longer do I have the ever popular American Girl books and Nancy Drew mysteries populating my shelves.

I have been told many times that my bookshelf is the epitome of aesthetic and I’m not trying to sound prideful, but I agree with them. I take pride in my organized bookshelf.

Without ado, I present my bookshelf tour. With an added twist.

As some of you may know, once upon I time I was obsessed with American Girl Dolls. I had a doll blog and made stop-motions with my little collection. But then along the line I grew out of the dolls and quit YouTube.

That was about nine months ago.

And I just let my videos sit there in their own little corner of the internet. They did nothing and I did nothing. It was refreshing, I enjoyed the break. But as I am, I felt unsatisfied.

I missed making videos. I missed editing them. I missed YouTube. So with joy and gladness I am happy to announce that I, Carlye Krul, will be having a YouTube channel.

That may impact this blog and my posting schedule, but I would love it if everyone checked out the videos I make. You can expect some book and writing related videos, and maybe a rare lifestyle video.

So yeah, have a lovely day everyone!

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