we fly among the stars.

An unofficial non-confirmed cover of the next writing project. That is right my friends, I, Carlye Krul, has taken it upon herself to start writing a new novel.

Yes, I am fully aware of Chase, the novel waiting to be edited. And my medieval novel, that’s sitting at a pretty 45,000 words and counting. So why would I decide to start yet another book?

Probably because I’m uncontent and impatient when it comes to writing. Or maybe because I had such an immense amount of hopes and dreams I couldn’t help myself. Any of those reasons work.

So yeah, there’s another thing for me to work on. Now how about a little introduction to the characters and plot.

Think The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Looking for Alaska in one book with no language or sexual content.

Basically it’s about five teenagers who are starting their junior year at a preppy boarding school in Victoria, BC. They become friends and have fun together. Each person is looking for the meaning of life and trying to survive, but they are each deceived.

This is Damien Davis, who I like to call ‘the nice kid.’ He’s the kid in Grade 2 that was nice to everyone and was always happy. Damien is super good with kids and cheering people up. He’s like a little kid at heart. But sometimes he is too nice, and that can get him in trouble.

Ahh, Hadley Ferrantino, the Italian rockstar. Well, aspiring rockstar.

Hadley is super into rock and punk music and her dream is to become a famous rockstar. She’s also a conspiracy theorist, believing that aliens and Bigfoot are real. Hadley is quite headstrong and reckless, living life at a neck breaking pace.

Violet Morris is the INFP. She frequently gets lost in her daydreams and books, preferring the calm and simple life of reading and drinking tea. Yeah, she sounds a lot like me.

Violet never likes breaking out of her comfort zone and she’s always ready to learn something new. But how can one learn more if they don’t live?

Ethan Hinsmen, my personal favourite.

Ethan is an anorexic with the most sensitive soul. He never had friends and now pushes everyone away because getting attached means another reason to stay alive. Lots of angst coming his way. Ethan has some sweet moments and a hidden collection of stuffed animals.

And Juliette Červeny, the green haired artist. Yes, that is another colourful haired character of mine, but there is a bigger story behind the green hair. Despite the name, Juliette is anything but delicate. She loses her temper much too often and finds an outlet through her art. Not all artist are calm folk.

So yes, that is my newest writing project. No, the other novels won’t be pushed away. Or so I hope. But let us conquer Camp NaNoWriMo this month!

Have a lovely day everyone!

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