Journal with me + stationary supplies I use

I’ve tried all the methods of bullet journalling, weekly journaling, and writing down things you did each day. None of them worked out for me.

Yeah, I have a place to write down all my thoughts, but that’s not the same. Up until January there wasn’t a way for me to constantly and consistently keep track of my accomplishments and goals. Enter, one of my good friends Jessie with her immaculate handwriting and aesthetic goals.

For my birthday I received a lovely notebook and a bunch of cute stationary supplies. And I guess that sparked the beginning of my monthly list of goals, accomplishments, and other random events.

So this is what the journal looks like. It’s basic and I really like it. Umm… every month I chose a theme that I want to use, so for May I had sparkles and purple things.

This beginning page is also made at the begging of the month, so I wrote down a bunch of things I wanted to do. Also, there are some pressed flowers and some washi tape holding them in place.

On this side I wrote down everything I did, added some cute purple-ish pictures, and some more glittery washi tape.

This is what the overview of the two page spread. But we aren’t done.

As a way to keep track of my favourite things and so forth, I will keep a list for each month. I record my favourite books read, songs I’ve enjoyed, and then the amount of words written, books read, and money spent.

It’s all pretty basic stuff. Two more pictures were added to fill up some space. I wasn’t completely pleased with how this page turned out, but oh well.

All the sparkles and glitter were getting to me, so for June I’m planning to do a black and white theme. So there’s the list of my goals for June, and two adorable paper stickers.

And now for the ‘stationary supplies I use part.’

I don’t use any special pens, just Walmart thin tip markers and black pens. There is this fancy uni-ball pen that Jessie gave me that writes sooo smooth. Thank you.

And for colour pens I use any thin tip marker I have, usually PaperMate or something like that. I dunno, nothing special.

I raided my mother’s scrapbooking supplies for this glitter washi tape, which I greatly enjoy and use.

Another gift from my friend, these super cool washi tapes that have aesthetic pictures and sayings on them. I’ve used them a lot in previous months and love the colours.

I have unsuccessfully looked on the internet for these Chinese paper stickers. But anyway, the stickers are super cute and they have cats on them. Cats! I’m a big fan, and if you’re into bullet journaling I would advise you purchasing them.

And my staples. Large white eraser, scissors, clear tape, and then fancy double sided tape.

That brings me to the end of this blog post. Everyone, please stay healthy and have a lovely day.

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