Varice Maverich and the Contest of Story and Drama

Greetings everyone! I must apologize in advance for any grammar or spelling mistakes. I am writing this in the midst of an all-nighter, which isn’t the wisest thing to do, so my brain is working a little slow. So sorry to all the grammar correctors out there.

Anyway, a couple weeks ago my friend Merie asked me if I wanted to help her, Susie, and Eloria with a contest. I flipped a coin and joined the team. So here I am, giving you the details to this wonderful contest.

The Basics

So what you basically have to do is write short story centred around a very common trope (whether it be enemies-to-lovers, that one horse story, or ugly girl becoming beautiful on the day of prom,) and then make it as cliche and dramatic as possible.

Have fun and make your characters faint in their lover’s arms every two seconds because that only ups the drama. But please don’t sacrifice your wonderful writing talent to make the story stupidly cliche. I speak on behalf of the judges when I say we look forward to some great entries.

Me Merie, Eloria, Susie, and Varice Maverich (one of Merie’s characters who I can’t remember) will be the judges.

The Rules

  • The story must be based off a common trope, and it must be made obvious what that was
  • You can use any genre you would like, bonus points for a genre mashup
  • Your story’s title must follow this format. The/A ______ of ______ and _______. Examples would be, ‘A Fire of Wood and Oxygen’ or ‘The Journey of Hardship and Storms’. Also, try to make sure none of the words have anything in common. It’s much better that way. In short, make the title as awful as you can, but still relevent to the idea
  • Please keep the story clean with no crude langauge, gore, and disgusting romantic affections.
  • It must be under 2,000 words long, typed double space in a size 12 readable font (preferabbly New Times Roman or other essay-like fonts)
  • Submit the story by July 30 by emailing a Word or Google document to
  • The results will be posted August 5, so stay tuned.

The Prizes because what is a contest without prizes, am I right?

1st place — a fancy analysis of the tropes you used your entry in the Making Readers Cry blog Series, a ten dollar Amazon e-gift card, and my wonderful photoshop skills being put to the test to make a custom bookmark featuring a meaningful quote from your story.

2nd place — a ten dollar Amazon e-gift card, and me making you a bookmark with a nice quote or line from your story. If you haven’t seen my photoshop skills, then you’re missing out.

3rd place — a ten dollar Amazon e-gift card

I look forward to seeing what you cook up, so have a good time writing your short stories. Hopefully NaNoWriMo isn’t keeping you to busy.

Have a good day everyone!

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