My friends guess what fictional characters are like

I had a brilliant idea one day. Is there a way to discretely fangirl without my friends thinking that Carlye has completely gone off her rocker? No, I couldn’t think of one.

But somewhere in the muddled mess I had an idea of sending my friends fan art and pictures of my favourite characters. Did I specifically send misleading images, maybe. Did I chose the best pictures out there, no of course not.

Nevertheless, I had a great time reading my friend’s responses. And the first character up is Shoyo Hinata.

Hinata Shouyou | Wiki | Haikyuu!! Amino

Shoyo Hinata (Haikyuu!!)

Hinata is very happy, determined, and energetic. He’s very passionate and driven, which makes for an interesting character.

Jemima — He looks like the type of guy who everyone thinks is rlly young but is way older than expected and he is a softy

Josephine — He looks like he is a very cheery person, but can easily get on your nerves. He likes to tell jokes and make people laugh. He finds bugs very interesting and hopes to one day be a bugogogolest.

Once he got stuck in a pothole.

Eva — Very happy
Stays away from conflict 
Friendly with a little bit of anxiety

Kayleen — ok that guys looks like he could be fun once you get to know him, but is shy at first

Practical Typing | Haikyuu!!: Tobio Kageyama (ENTJ)

Tobio Kageyama (Haikyuu!!)

Kageyama, how does one go about describing him? He’s intense and angry and has a very hard time understanding other people.

Jemima — He reminds me of a dauntless soldier (from divergent) and I think he is ruthless and doesn’t have any pity

Josephine — He lived for the first eight years of his life in a cave. He finally found civilization. He now is a city slicker. He’s often found bullying. He owns a street bike and thinks he’s pretty cool, almost too good for the world.

Eva — Thinks he’s the best
Very arrogant
Confident but maybe some problems at home or something 
Can be very rude 
Often a bit more quiet

Kayleen — he looks sort of angry and depressed, like he takes his anger out on others around him

Kei TSUKISHIMA | Anime-Planet in 2020 (With images) | Haikyuu anime

Kei Tsukishima (Haikyuu!!)

Tsukishima, the tall intelligent blocker who’s saltier then Dead Sea. He is the most robotic out of the team and is the only one who refuses to pose for pictures.

Jemima — He just looks odd Lol

Josephine — He is super shy and quiet. He likes to play basketball, but no one likes him and they never include him. Often people call him ‘nerd’ and ‘four eyes’. He is quiet smart, but isn’t proud of his knowledge.

He has a slight speech impediment.

Eva — The ‘cool’ guy
Typical jock 
Arrogant and too confident

Kayleen — shy and introverted, with a wierd side lol

Nino Arisugawa | Fukumenkei Noise - Anonymous Noise Wiki | Fandom

Nino Arisugawa (Anonymous Noise)

Nino is a dreamer and a romantic who doesn’t know how to listen. She also has bad choice in boyfriends and a very good singing voice.

Jemima — She looks like a girl who wants attention and wears a face mask because she’s allergic to so much stuff that she has to wear it all the time

Josephine — She is also smart, but people never listen to her and look down to her, so she is very quiet and doesn’t ever dare share her opinion. She does have some true friends that try to include her. She has a love for animals, but is scared of fleas. Her dreams include being a professional tennis player. She also has Reynold’s Desease.

Eva — Quiet and smart
Can be dreamy 
Very creative
Similar to the ‘popular and perfect’ girl in every story 
Although can be klutzy at dreamy at times

Kayleen — she looks like the cool, fashionable girl everybody wants to follow yet she doesn’t know it

Lunar Chronicles - Princess Winter Hayle Blackburn by ...

Winter Hayle (The Lunar Chronicles)

Winter is crazy. She is ditzy, romantic, and kind of clueless, but still is very passionate and selfless.

Jemima — Oooooooo she looks bada** and she has a background of fighting (hence the scar on her cheek) she is very selfless

Josephine — She is really into make-up and hair. She’s the most popular one around and everybody knows her because of her money. She is TERRIFIED of bugs, rodents and anything of the sort. She’s very high maintenance. Her favorite scent is Neem Oil and she really enjoys grouse eggs for breakfast. She is very popular among the guys but chose to subscribe for a weekly boyfriend from Amazon (she usually doesn’t connect very well). She often is found shopping with her daddy’s money. 

Eva — Strong and tough girl
Had a tough childhood and now it shows
Will do what it takes
Shows lots of leadership and can be bossy

Kayleen — she looks like a girl with lots of secrets, the mysterious one, the untamed one, with a crazy past

Pin by ThAnKs PeTe on Frank Zhang (With images) | Frank zhang ...

Frank Zhang (Percy Jackson)

Wholesome, Hufflepuff, precious, must be protected at all costs.

Jemima — He looks like a Good Samaritan type of guy and he has a rlly sweet girlfriend and they have been together for years and are inseparable

Josephine — He’s a very thoughtful person. He’ll do anything to help someone. He likes to get a closer look at things, especially insects. Science is pretty interesting to him. There’s lots of piano and volleyball players in his family history, but he himself enjoys neither. He lives in a treefort and likes to adventure.

Eva — Super cool guy
Nice and popular because of that 
Is generally a good person 
Social and smart

Kayleen — the fun, care-free guy who loves everyone and wants to save the world

Piper Mclean one of my top three faves | Percy jackson art, Percy ...

Piper Mclean (Percy Jackson)

Piper is a tomboy who is very stubborn and driven. She’s like the less smart version of Annabeth, but also a little wacky at times.

Jemima — I can’t rlly tell if that’s a guy or a girl but imma call it a girl… anyways, she is a tomboy and can’t stand prissy girls. Also she has a rebellious side of her that comes to life quite often.

Josephine —She’s gets ticked off really fast especially when people don’t understand what she’s trying to say. She likes to listen to Hip Hop. She only talks to cool people and has nothing to do with the non-cool ones. She’s often found just sitting around doing nothing.

Eva — Moody and creative 
Has a bit of depression type problems
Loves to draw and make cartoons 
It’s her escape

Kayleen — the problem solver, cool, and chic girl

Fun Extras - Shannon Messenger

Keefe Sencen (Keeper of the Lost Cities)

Anything I say about him will be dissected by you guys and I’m certain everyone knows who he is, so I will skip the Fitz-Sophie-Keefe love triangle thing.

Jemima (I forgot she had read the books before) — KEEFE

Ahhhhh it’s keefe!!!


I’m not even gonna start about keefe


Josephine — He’s a very thoughtful person. He’ll do anything to help someone. He likes to get a closer look at things, especially insects. Science is pretty interesting to him. There’s lots of piano and volleyball players in his family history, but he himself enjoys neither. He lives in a treefort and likes to adventure.

Eva — The good guy
Likes to help
Can sometimes be rude in order to protect people

Kayleen — the guy every girl has a crush on, the guy with his eye on the prize, he wants to own the world

jim moriarty - Twitter Search

Jim Moriarty (BBC Sherlock)

Jim is smart and manipulative. He’s quite prideful and arrogant, but still has a good time while ordering the murder of Sherlock.

Jemima — This guy is pure evil and everyone thinks he has no soft bone in his body but when he knows no one is watching he goes to animal shelters and squeals with joy when he pets all the dogs

Josephine — He is a mind reader and villain. He’s often chewing gum. Also, he’s a very critical thinker. He comes from a family of 9. All of his other siblings were sisters. As a child, he wasn’t always out playing like most other boys his age, he was always trying to solve problems, from math problems to his own personal problems.

Eva — Is actually a good guy but is hiding under a bad guy shell
Tough with a marshmallow inside 
Works as a boss

Kayleen — the serious, dark guy who carries a lot of burdens on his shoulders and has to figure things out on his own, the hard way

Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie in April)

Kaori is sweet and playful. She lives life to the fullest, eating all the canelés she wants and playing the violin.

Jemima — She is a girl who’s mother strives for her to be the best but in reality she rlly doesn’t care and would rather live a carefree life on a tropical island off the Caribbean and drink margaritas all day every day

Josephine — She is a super cheerful person who always try to put done positivity in other peoples’ days. She always take a note of and appreciates the little things that people do. She also is really into fashion.

Eva — Super friendly 
A lot of people like her 
Likes to lose herself in books
Has a large friend group, not only a few close friends

Kayleen — ok she looks like the innocent, cute, not-one-care-in-the-world type of person, and most people like her for it except those who want to be like her

I hope you found my friend’s responses as entertaining as mine. I think Josephine is a bit psychic, especially with the gum chewing for Moriarty. Anyone who as watched the series knows what I’m talking about.

Have a fabulous day!

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