Summer 2020

Hello everyone, welcome back to my wonderful blog.

Despite corona, I still went places and saw some people. Don’t fret, I don’t think I’m sick. And naturally, I took pictures because I like documenting my life. So without further ado…

Social Events

At the beginning of the summer I had a fire thing with my friends and we burned our school work. There was some excitement with the golf cart and someone (most definitely not me) crashed it into another vehicle.

But the five of us had great fun roasting marshmallows and hotdogs over the ashes of ninth grade.

Then I went camping out in the middle of nowhere. It was technically a campground, but there wasn’t any cell service or anything. But that was an enjoyable week, despite the first three rainy days.

Then there was another time where I went to the lake with a couple friends and we had the time of our lives. We faithfully plunged into the cold water, shrieking and probably scaring everyone there. Then once the people left we turned on some music and danced on top of the picnic tables. To be honest, I felt like the protagonist from some A24 movie.

And the last ‘big’ moment of was when I went to Ontario to see my cousins and we had this big 3 day sleepover. One night we decided to make a movie and it, er, got out of hand. Thankfully I wasn’t one of the people who didn’t chug an iced tea.

The five of us girls went on many adventures. There was dances, nail art, forest walks, and some interesting late night talks.


I read many books in the summer. Since I’ve been journaling, I’m writing down the total amount of books I read each month. And with the help of some quick mental math, I read 87 books.

Some of my favourites were:

I would recommend any of those books, they were all amazing.

Movies and Anime

Again, pretty much all of these anime and movies were great. I’m eagerly awaiting the second half of Haikyu!! To the Top. October couldn’t come any sooner.

If I had to pick a favourite movie I watched, it would probably be My Neighbour Totoro. It was my first Studio Ghibli movie, and not my last. The movie was so cute and sweet.


Over the course of the summer I dropped two writing projects, hit 50k with another, and started a new project. I’ll dive deeper into the new project next time.

I wrote 34,000 words in the summer, so I would say I’m happy with my progress with we fly among the stars. If anything, I’m kind of sad to be almost done writing draft one. I love the characters so much, I don’t want to editing them.

But I also started writing and outlining a new book. All I can say for now is that it’s a rewrite of Chase with some new characters and plot line.

That brings my eventful summer to a close. How was your summer? I’d love to hear about your favourite book of the summer.

Have a lovely day!

2 thoughts on “Summer 2020

  1. 87 books! I wish I read that much. I am so happy that wfats is going so well. I for one am excited for you to finish so I can read it. But saying goodbye to projects is rather sad, so don’t feel bad if you take your time on the end.


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